Coyne College graduates are doing amazing things all over the world. Building careers in construction trades and allied health, our students take full advantage of the high-quality career training they receive through Coyne. See for yourself!

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Success Stories

  • Hector Lopez Success Story at Coyne College
    Hector Lopez - Class of 2014
    Electrical Construction & Planning, Electrical Apprentice at Green Chicago Electrical Services
    Coyne was an amazing experience. I came here with the hunger to learn, and left filled with the knowledge and skills to move forward. I finally found what I love. Thanks to the instructors’ guidance and passion, I have found my career.
  • Jonathan Perea Success Story at Coyne College
    Jonathan Perea - Class of 2014
    Electrical Construction & Maintenance, Electrical Assembler at C. Cretors and Company
    Coming to Coyne College was a great experience. It provided me with the knowledge needed to obtain a job, and gave me all the necessary skills to help me in my future career goals. Thank you Coyne College! And thanks to all the faculty and staff!
  • Schlonda Johnson Success Story at Coyne College
    Schlonda Johnson - Class of 2014
    Pharmacy Technician, Employed at Madison Pine Pharmacy
    My experience at Coyne College was a wonderful learning experience. The instructors are awesome, and above all, they want to educate their students. I would recommend anyone to Coyne; it is the path to success!
  • Laura Garza Success Story at Coyne College
    Laura Garza - Class of 2014
    Medical Assistant, Medical Assistant at Chicago Family Health Center
    Coyne College has changed my life completely. When I started Coyne, I was young and immature; but by the time I finished, I had developed into a smarter, more professional woman. The instructors showed me a lot and prepared me for the real world, and now I have been hired in my field! I owe my success to Coyne, and I will be forever grateful.
  • Efrain Raigoza Jr. - Class of 2015
    Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, In Home Refrigeration Technician at Sears
    Coyne college was an amazing experience, they helped me in so many ways to prepare myself for my career in HVAC-Refrigeration. Great helpful staff and amazing experienced teachers who will stop at nothing to help you succeed and triumph. I couldn't have chosen a better school, I am now in my career as a Refrigeration Technician for a big company that pays well and respects their employees. I definitely couldn't have done it without Coyne and their staff. I recommend this school to anyone pursuing a career in HVAC Refrigeration or any other program.
  • Ammar Adam - Class of 2015
    Electrical Construction & Maintenance, Maintenance Mechanic at Koch Foods
    Coyne College was a great place to start preparing for my career. My experience at Coyne was a successful beginning, the right choice, and perfect timing. Everyone I met at Coyne from faculty to staff was very supportive and encouraging. I hope whoever is looking for a career school, would come to Coyne, because you will find a career after graduating as I did!
  • Earl Hale (in behalf of Ed Hale) - Class of 1958
    Electrical Construction & Maintenance, CEO at Hale Electric Inc.
    My father (Ed) graduated from the electrical program at Coyne in 1958 when it was still on Paulina Street. He moved to Texas and opened up Hale Electric, Inc.; at 83 years old, he is now retired, I have bought the company from him, and my son has also joined. I just want Coyne students to know that the American dream is REAL, and we got it through Coyne.
  • Erik Etcitty - Class of 2016
    Electrical Construction & Planning, Installer at Verde Sustainable Solutions
    Coyne College set me up for success. Everything I have learned in Coyne has shaped me into the electrician I am today. Also, they helped me obtain a career within weeks of my finishing date. My experience from Coyne was definitely life changing.
  • Amy Spain - Class of 2016
    Medical Assistant, Medical Assistant at Advocate Medical Group
    This program has helped me become a Medical Assistant at Advocate Medical Group. It has also helped me become more outgoing and a better leader in my current position. I feel the Medical Assistant Program is an awesome program that prepares students for the real world in any type of setting. The classes are challenging enough that you work hard and you have the guidance from all the staff to help you succeed. I am grateful to everyone at Coyne for pushing me and supporting my goals.
  • Simone Richmond - Class of 2017
    Medical Billing & Coding Specialist, Medical Biller at Great Lakes Billing Services
    There were so many days and nights when I wanted to give up, but I stuck through and graduated with a job. If I had to do it all over again, I would! I enjoyed the teachers at Coyne who were always helpful and made me feel comfortable when it came to learning. My externship experience was great and I am happy to be employed direct from my externship.
  • Jason Langford - Class of 2017
    Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Service Technician at Chardon Laboratories Inc.
    After many years of hands on experience and deciding to go back to school, I would like to say thank you to Coyne College for allowing me the opportunity to further develop my skill sets. I created great friendships with fellow classmates whom I also learned a lot from with regards to character, integrity, and self discipline. Mr. Donaldson and Mr. Olsen were my most challenging instructors and I gained an extreme amount of knowledge from both. Although instruction at Coyne is quite challenging, regardless of aptitude, the curriculum will give you a well balanced and applicable skill set that will apply to your choice of field. Whether you are looking for an entry level position or beyond, Coyne College is the place to begin your journey! Through the experience of the instructors, support staff and your hunger to learn, you will be successful with the team that Coyne provides. Although not easy, I believe that “anything is possible to a willing mind”.That being said, I am thankful that Coyne’s instructors and career services, especially Ms. Schwarz, has given me the opportunity to find my dream job. I would like to say the greatest thank you! We all have potential to be great! Are you ready for a challenge?
  • Teonte Miller - Class of 2017
    Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Engineer at Hotel EMC2
    Coyne College has prepared me to take on the position of being an Engineer at Hotel EMC2 Downtown Chicago! Thanks to Career Services, especially Sandra, for helping me edit my resume and keeping me up to date with new job postings. I would recommend anyone to enroll with Coyne. I loved every bit of it!
  • Steven Tate - Class of 2017
    Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Duct Cleaner at ARS Rescue Rooter
    My experience at Coyne College was honestly more than I expected walking in not knowing one thing about heating and air conditioning or being in the field. Coyne broke down everything so well and to the point that after each class that I finished I learned not only a new skill but something new about myself; and that is because of the incredible staff and instructors, and also the other students. Coyne helped me get to where I am today and made me realize you can do anything if you put your mind to it. All it takes is a little motivation and dedication.
  • Mark Sohn - Class of 2017
    Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Appliance Service Technician at ABT
    Loved the knowledge and straight shooting answers from the teachers in the HVAC field. Learned and soaked up the years of experience from Mr. Rontos, Mr. Lesh and others that left the teaching field. As Mr. Lesh says, "kick the tire light the fire." Build on what you know and keep your head up.