Academic Assistance

Coyne College works hard to prepare you for the road ahead, and we do it by employing faculty members who view academic assistance as their most important functions.

Our admissions advisors can help you choose the program and schedule that’s right for you. Our financial aid staff can help you better understand the financial aid process and how it applies to your specific situation. And our job placement experts can even assist in your next steps as you prepare for life after graduating from Coyne.

At Coyne, we think resources are important, which is why we offer tutoring services to student at no cost. Our faculty and staff maintain an “open door” policy, so you can discuss academic matter when it’s most convenient for you, without having to schedule an appointment.

Coyne academic assistance services include:

  • Pre-graduate seminars
  • On-site training
  • Tutoring

And more!

Need Academic Assistance?

Request additional information about Coyne College’s academic assistance services – we can help you along your journey to a successful career.