skilled trades

Increases in Infrastructure Budget Good for Skilled Trades

An increase in national infrastructure spending could end up being a benefit for laborers in the skilled trades needed to complete upgrades. In the coming years, much of the nation’s infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, buildings and other structures, will require some degree of repair or flat-out replacement. Electrical Construction

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Extreme Jobs for Electricians

Top 5 Most Extreme Jobs for Electricians

Working as an electrician is an occupation that is not without its own set of dangers. Depending on the setting in which electricians work, they face conditions with the potential of bodily injury. With this in mind, below are five of the most extreme jobs electricians perform and the dangers

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Electrician Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight: Ted Polowsky – Electrician

Faculty Spotlight “I became interested in teaching because I like to help students reach their full potential in their career.” Learn more about Programmable Logic Controllers Instructor Ted Polowsky by our electrician faculty spotlight!  For more information on our electrical programs visit us at Get your career started as

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Electrician Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight: Austin Rudnicki – Electrician

Austin Rudnicki’s belt buckle is a constant reminder of where he came from, what he has achieved and what he has yet to accomplish. To him, the buckle passed down from his great-grandfather says “electrician.” Rudnicki is a 2016 graduate of Coyne College’s Electrical Construction and Maintenance program and now proudly wears

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Electrical Code Violations

How to Avoid the Most Common Electrical Code Violations

Electricity is one of the greatest commodities we’ve been able to harness. It’s hard to imagine life today without it, as electricity powers many of the tools and conventions that make our lives much easier. However, it can also be very dangerous, which is why there are electrical codes to

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Alumni Spotlight HVAC

Alumni Spotlight: Yolanda Rodriguez – HVAC

While most girls her age were playing with Barbies, Yolanda (“Yoyo”) Rodriguez was trying to figure out how things worked — pulling them apart and putting them back together. As she got older, she began building things and enjoyed helping her grandfather, a Chicago landlord, with maintenance projects. That led

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HVAC Maintenance Tips

Avoid Costly Repairs Using These Helpful HVAC Maintenance Tips

Chicago weather runs a range of seasons and weather conditions, sometimes within a span of 24 hours. That means high-performing HVAC systems that can be started at the drop of a hat are key to maintaining comfortable indoor conditions. However, they can’t optimize your home’s comfort if they don’t work

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HVAC Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight: Sandra Garza – HVAC

When Sandra Garza graduated from Coyne College in 1996, she was the only woman in her HVAC program. She was accepted with open arms and took advantage of all the training and mentoring she could get. It paid off. Now, 22 years later, she is the owner of SG Heating

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