Common Misconceptions About Trade Schools

There’s a certain stigma that has surrounded trade schools for a while: that they somehow provide an inferior education that is only good for those who can’t do anything else. Nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s debunk some common misconceptions about trade school. Trade schools are for people

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Pharmacy Technicians: Front Liners of COVID-19

Pharmacy technicians are responders to the coronavirus pandemic, showing their dedication and diligence every day. They play a vital role when it comes to providing the public with medicines, therapeutics, vaccines and patient care. It’s no surprise that there is an increasing pharmacy job demand to help with COVID-19 patient

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Coyne College celebrates National HVAC Day – June 22

A lot of the time we can take indoor comfort for granted, but it’s the HVAC technicians who keep our systems running year-round. National HVAC Day – June 22 Today is YOUR day, HVAC techs. A National HVAC Day. Coyne College would like to extend our thanks to you! Your

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Medical Assistants’ New Roles During COVID-19 Pandemic

A medical assistant is known for his or her versatile clinical and administrative skills. That’s why an MA plays such a vital role in the healthcare community. However, in these days of COVID-19, medical facilities are experiencing an all-hands-on-deck situation. That means all available resources and personnel are needing in

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Night Trade School – Evening Programs at Coyne College

Do you have the desire to learn a new trade that is marketable and provides financial security? Are you tired of working hard for minimum wage and want to invest in a long-term career? Now you can learn a trade while you continue to work with evening trade programs at

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HVAC System Summer Preparation Tips

Prepare for a hot summer with a tuned-up HVAC system. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, system is designed to provide comfortable interior temperatures year round. Without routine maintenance, your system may be costing more in monthly utility bills or operating inefficiently. Learn more about hvac system summer

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Coyne College Electrical Training

Coyne College is home to two electrical programs – Electrical Construction & Planning (ECP) and Electrical Construction & Maintenance (ECM). Through evening electrical classes at Coyne, students will learn how to become an electrician in no time. In as little as 10 months, you will be ready to transform Chicago

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Understanding the Value of Medical Assistant Externships

What Is a Medical Assisting Externship? The externship portion of MA training at Coyne College is an essential part of preparing you to enter the healthcare field upon completion of your training course. Externship opportunities are designed to help you get the experience and mentorship you need before you begin

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Furnace Replacement: A Guide for Homeowners

To replace your home furnace or not replace it. That is the question that may be on your mind—especially if you haven’t experienced the warmth and comfort level you’re used to. Furnace replacement or your entire HVAC system can be costly, so you must ask: is it time to replace

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