HVAC Maintenance Tips

Avoid Costly Repairs Using These Helpful HVAC Maintenance Tips

Chicago weather runs a range of seasons and weather conditions, sometimes within a span of 24 hours. That means high-performing HVAC systems that can be started at the drop of a hat are key to maintaining comfortable indoor conditions. However, they can’t optimize your home’s comfort if they don’t work

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HVAC Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight: Sandra Garza – HVAC

When Sandra Garza graduated from Coyne College in 1996, she was the only woman in her HVAC program. She was accepted with open arms and took advantage of all the training and mentoring she could get. It paid off. Now, 22 years later, she is the owner of SG Heating

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Many Uses of HVAC

Many Uses of HVAC with Tim Lesch

The HVAC field is unlimited! It branches out in a variety of ways in everyday life! Check out the many uses of HVAC with our instructor Tim Lesch! To learn more about a career in HVAC visit us at www.Coynecollege.Edu.

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HVAC Technician Tasks

The Diverse Tasks of HVAC Technicians

HVAC technicians may embody the most diverse skills in the trades, as they are practically employed during a given day on the job. Their primary duties are to install, maintain and repair various indoor climate control systems, but each of those tasks is more complex than the single word attempting

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