New Chicago Restrictions Protect Pharmacy Staff and Consumers
Chicago Restrictions Help Pharmacy Staff

In a win for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and patients, the Chicago City Council Finance Committee approved legislation that would limit pharmacists to filling a maximum of 10 prescriptions per hour. The measure was approved by the committee back in October of 2017 and also guarantees pharmacists meal and bathroom breaks.

The proposal, sponsored by 14th Ward alderman Edward Burke, came as a reaction to a 2016 Chicago Tribune article reporting that more than half of the 255 pharmacies investigated in the Chicago area and surrounding states frequently failed to inform Tribune reporters of the potentially harmful drug combinations if taken together when selling them.

It’s common for some pharmacists to work long days, up to 12 hours, and according to the Chicago Tribune story, “they worry about losing focus during busy shifts and potentially putting their customers in jeopardy.” The measure also requires that pharmacies post a list of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who have been working for longer than eight hours to provide an extra layer of protection against pharmacist fatigue.

In a move to further protect consumers from unwittingly taking potentially fatal pairings of prescription drugs, Illinois governor Bruce Rauner was a key proponent of an approved measure that requires pharmacists to speak with patients at pharmacy windows when dispensing new or updated prescriptions. Investigators found that it was not uncommon for pharmacy technicians to ask patients when filling prescriptions and simply inquire whether or not they had questions for the pharmacist on duty regarding the prescriptions.

The Tribune story also suggests that the actions taken by the committee and Gov. Rauner could set the table for further government action of retail pharmacies across the country.

Pharmacy Staff Pay Also on the Rise in Step with Rest of Healthcare

On top of regulations designed to protect pharmacy staff and consumers, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are seeing increases in their respective salaries. According to a news release from Cision, both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians saw 2 percent increases in their median salaries. These increases, along with others across the robust healthcare industry, are undoubtedly the result of the current and future demand for healthcare services and the resulting economic boom.

Pharmacy technicians in Illinois also tend to earn more than the national median for the occupation, with a median salary of $31,210, according to the Occupational Information Network (O*NET). It’s also worth noting that hospital pharmacy practice tends to be more lucrative for pharmacy technicians relative to other employment settings. The pharmacy technician profession will not be without its own share of evolutions and obstacles to be faced in the near future.

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