Healthcare Trends Affecting Medical Assistants

Below is a trio of current healthcare trends that will extend into the future of the medical assisting profession:

New Technology in Healthcare

Medical assistants will have to adapt to technological advancements in medicine. Medical offices already heavily rely on the use of computers, but more technology, such as tablets, is being used in medical settings. Being able to use the up-to-date technology provides a leg up for those who are familiar with or those who are adept at the latest innovations.

More Emphasis on Data Analytics

Coinciding with a heavier dependence on technology, medical assistants are expected to be more familiar with data analytics. In many cases, they are the ones entering the information into the medical office’s system, so the necessity of data analytics skills amongst medical assistants makes sense.

Data analytics skills are increasingly used in healthcare to optimize patient care and hospital practices in general. Knowledge of data analytics is also useful to medical assistants in that they work on both the patient care and administrative sides of medical facilities.

Opportunity to Learn Billing and Coding

With the influx of aging patients and individuals with newly acquired health insurance, there is going to be a lot of billing and coding to handle at any given medical office. Despite the fact that many offices have people who handle billing and coding, the increase in workload is projected to be large enough such that medical assistants may also have to take on billing and coding. This is another reason it is important for medical assistants to be at least somewhat familiar with computers.

Learning how to handle billing and coding makes medical assistants more valuable as employees. Medical assistants are naturally jacks-of-all-trades, so billing and coding would be two additional skills under their belts.

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