“How about this weather?” Considering how often we talk about the meteorological conditions happening outside, people still cannot agree on what is “good” weather (though we all know what’s “bad” weather!) Activities, gender, and age can play a role in what people consider comfortable climates.

When it comes to understanding people, internet searches say a lot. By analyzing what people in different parts of the country search in Google, we can learn an extraordinary amount of information about their lives.

The Cost of Childbirth Across the Globe

Childbirth is a wonderful thing. On this we can all agree. There is much disparity, though, on the cost of this wonderful thing. Depending on what part of the world in which a child is born, the birth itself, albeit wonderful, can vary in cost.

How Much Your Body Costs

Every now and again, a story comes about a celebrity who takes out an enormous insurance policy on a part of their body. In high-stakes professional sports it’s actually quite common. But what about you—have you ever wondered how much your body parts are worth?

History of Pharmacies

Pharmacy is a recognized part of medical practice dating as far back as Sumerian times, around 2,000 to 1,500 BC, from which cuneiform tablets have been preserved recording prescribed medications.

The Most In-Demand Green Jobs

Everywhere you look, “going green” is having a moment.

New Home Construction Jobs

In 2006, nearly two million total permits for housing were issued in the United States, predating the construction of thousands of freshly built homes ready and waiting for new occupants to move in.

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