Some Like it Hot: How Americans Feel About Temperature [Survey]
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“How about this weather?” Considering how often we talk about the meteorological conditions happening outside, people still cannot agree on what is “good” weather (though we all know what’s “bad” weather!) Activities, gender, and age can play a role in what people consider comfortable climates. Check out the infographic below to see how 1000 survey respondents feel about temperature preferences.

For all of its lazy, hazy days, the summer was not considered the favorite season for weather—38% claimed fall to be the most pleasant outdoor season, and 31% of respondents voting for spring. Though 26% of respondents love the sunshine of summer, the temperature can climb to uncomfortable and sometimes distressing degrees, and nothing stops the fun like heat exhaustion.

Rising temps also affect our enjoyment of a season. According to the survey, favorite popular outdoor activities are prime for mildly warm air temperatures. Activities such as golfing, swimming, enjoying the beach, and grilling were slated as best when happening above 66 degrees. Additionally, nearly half of all respondents (49%) said that 66 degrees and above is the perfect time to roll down the car windows, echoed by the 55% who consider 66 degrees and above perfect t-shirt weather.

Interestingly, 20% of those surveyed said they wouldn’t mind tailgating in below freezing weather. The 0.8% that claimed below freezing as t-shirt weather must belong to this group!

Staying comfortable is the key to getting a good night’s sleep. 42% of respondents claim 66-70 degrees is the ideal sleeping temperature, and 31% prefer a cooler room of 61-66 degrees. Also, men are twice as likely to sleep in the nude, whereas women are three times as likely to wear traditional pajamas to bed. Striking the right balance between what to wear to bed and how cool to keep the room could finally put an end to the thermostat wars.

Keeping comfortable when the mercury rises can also be costly. Of the 1000 surveyed, only 10% claimed to not normally use air conditioning, opting for either open windows or fans; of those who claimed to rarely use A/C, 62% cite the cost of running A/C as the reason. When it comes using an air conditioner, 59% of men claimed to not use it because of cost, compared to 41% of women. Investing in a quality unit and maintaining it properly can go a long way to keeping the cost down and the temperature level comfortable.

Whatever the temperature is outside, people know that the best way to get through the bad is to enjoy the good weather while it lasts. Keep cool and carry on.  For information on Coyne’s HVAC program, click here.