ICD-10 Training

Are you ready for ICD-10-CM implementation? The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has mandated the replacement of the ICD-9-CM code sets used by medical coders and billers to report health care diagnoses and procedures with ICD-10 codes, effective Oct. 1, 2014. ICD-10 implementation will radically change the way coding is currently done and will require a significant effort to implement. The time for ICD-10 implementation training is now, and through AAPC, thousands of organizations and individuals have become ICD-10 Implementation Ready. All AAPC Certified Coders are required to take an assessment exam for ICD-10-CM in order to keep their certification. See below:

ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment and Online Proficiency Assessment

The ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment is the only step of our training plan required for all certified AAPC members (excluding CPPM®, CPCO™, and CIRCC®). You should prepare yourself as you would for other exams or assessments. To ensure employers continue to have confidence in a certified coder’s ability to accurately code the current code sets, AAPC certified members will have two years to pass an open-book, online, unproctored assessment. It will measure your understanding of ICD-10-CM format and structure, groupings and categories of codes, ICD-10-CM official guidelines, and coding concepts.
  • Required for all AAPC credential holders (excluding CPPM®, CPCO™, and CIRCC®), recommended for all others working with the new code set
  • Two (2) years to take and pass the assessment, beginning October 1, 2013 (one year before implementation of ICD-10) and ending September 30, 2015 (one year after implementation)
  • 75 questions, open-book, online, unproctored, use any resource available. Coders will have two (2) attempts at passing over a two year window (Oct 1, 2013 – Sept. 30, 2015) for the $60 administration fee
  • ICD-10-CM only (ICD-10-PCS will not be covered in the assessment)
  • No CEUs given
Tip: Prepare for the Proficiency Assessment with the Online Proficiency Prep Tool. Above information is taken from www.aapc.com; please review all and any updates from the AAPC website.   Discover more topics on medical billing and coding!