Surprising Trends in the Pharmacy Industry

Here are a few trends that pharmacy technicians will have to adapt to in the coming years:

The Rise in Personalized and Specialized Medicine

Advances in medical science and technology have made it possible for doctors to prescribe medications depending on the patient’s genetic makeup. The rise in personalized medicine is forecasted to continue as the technology becomes more commonplace.

The Affordable Care Act has made medical insurance more accessible to a wider population of Americans. More people being covered by insurance means more people can pay for specialized medication, which increases the amount of work to be done by pharmacy technicians.

Implementation of 3D Printing

As 3D printing technology becomes more widely available, it makes sense that the pharma industry’s use of the tool will become standard in many places. The Food and Drug Administration approved the first 3D-printed drug in 2015.

More people having access to 3D printing could also mean expanding the marketplace and smaller biotech companies could use the technology to effectively manufacture pharmaceuticals.

Shrinking Number of Distribution Channels

As mentioned earlier, medicine has become incredibly specialized and will only continue to become more so as time goes on. Because of this, experts in the field anticipate the specialized drugs’ availability being limited to a few select distributors.

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