The Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing in 2018

resume writing tips

resume tips
If you’re in the market for a first job – or a new position – having a stand-out resume could be your only shot at getting the job you’re applying for. You have technology to thank (or blame) for that. That’s because many companies today are using software that searches for specific keywords and phrasing, eliminating many applicants before they have a chance to make a case for themselves. You could be the perfect candidate, but if your resume is not up to 2018 standards, the hiring manager is not going to know that.

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Essential Traits of Electrical Linemen

Electrical Linemen Program Coyne College

electrical lineman


electrical lineman program chicagoWhat if we didn’t have access to the electricity that most of us take for granted? Thanks in part to electrical linemen, we don’t have to, save for the occasional power outage due to stormy weather. Electrical linemen are America’s unsung heroes. They are the ones who install power lines and restore electricity in the aftermath of storms. Electrical linemen keep power flowing to the homes and businesses across the country.
Being tasked with such an awesome responsibility requires a special set of traits.

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