Alumni Spotlight: Apryl Raggs – Electrical Construction and Maintenance

Electrical Program Alumni - Coyne College

“I chose Coyne College because it was close and I heard only good things about it”, stated graduate Apryl Raggs. Interested in a career in Electrical Construction and Maintenance? Hear from Electrical Program grad April Raggs on her experience at Coyne College and her advice to students.

With a 120 years of teaching experience Coyne College gives you the hands-on training you’ll need to get the job done.


April Raggs: My name is April Raggs and the program I graduated from was Electrical Construction and Maintenance

I chose Coyne College because it was close and I heard only good things about it, so I figured I should come. The thing I liked most about it was mainly the teachers and how good they were able with explaining stuff and helping you out and making sure that you figure things out. They were just really helpful throughout the whole thing.

Some classes where you just sit in class and you just do math, where you have classes where you’re actually doing hands-on stuff like the little boards and doing wires with lights and stuff or a big lab where you do actual construction work and you bend pipes. My short term goals are to get my associate’s degree in electrical construction and maintenance and my long term goals are to just have a good career in doing electrical work. I’ll give a student advice, I would tell them to make sure that they study and just pay attention in class because as long as you study and pay attention, then you always be good.