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Seize the opportunity to participate in one of our courses FOR FREE! Get your hands dirty while working with either our Electrician or HAVC Test a Trade events. Located right in Chicago. Event starts December 8th at 10am!

  • Hands-on experience on a real project
  • Safety exercises
  • Those who are attending Test a Trade for full program experience will be able to gain information on Program Descriptions, Financial Aid, and Career Services.

Bring your Family and Friends – All are Welcome!

Sign up or give us a call at: 800.720.3990 for additional details!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I expect?

A: Participants will be walked through safety procedures and be able to participate, hands-on, in a workshop. When the workshop is completed, participants will have a basic understanding of the class and how one can begin a career in that industry.

What is the cost of Test a Trade?

A: Test a Trade has NO COST and materials are supplied for participants.

Can participants use the classroom equipment?

A: All workshops are hands-on, so equipment will be available to use.

Is there a dress-code?

A: There is no specific dress code.

Is class enrollment available at Test a Trade?

A: Yes, participants are able to sign up at the event. Admissions representatives will be present to review and/ or answer questions about enrollment, financial aid, and scheduling.