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At Coyne College, we take pride in helping our graduates find employment in their areas of specialization. To do this, we build relationships with area employers and match students from construction trade and allied health programs to their specific job openings.

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Below are just a few of the ways we help employers find the right match:

Graduate Database

Our database holds a list of Coyne College graduates, including recent grads and also those with many years of professional experience.

Resume Bank

All graduates are encouraged to maintain resumes with Career Services. We match qualifications according to an employer’s specifications and are happy to mail, fax or email resumes to employers upon request.


We offer applicant screening to save employers’ time. This can include application and resume screening, as well as interviews to locate specific skills and qualities.

Job Posting Boards/Binders

We have a spacious job posting and information board where we post employers’ job information. Students and graduates read this board daily. We also keep binders of job information for students and graduates to check out.

Job Fairs

Coyne hosts bi-annual job fairs on campus for employers to attend and network with students and graduates.

Company Time

The Career Services department will organize student visits to your company so they can see what their working futures possibly will look like.

On-Site Recruitment

We will arrange for employers to test and interview groups of graduates or students on our campus.

Guest Speakers

We encourage interested industry professionals to visit to our school and speak to students about industry topics. Our students eagerly listen to advice and information from within their chosen industries, and guest speakers provide an invaluable learning opportunity for our students.

Advisory Board

We invite all industry professionals to attend the semi-annual dinners of our advisory board, during which Coyne College’s directors solicit input concerning trends in technology, management, training, and competitiveness in American business and industry.

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Did you know that Coyne College can help you find your next great hire?

If you’re an employer, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you find qualified candidates.

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