Coyne College understands the stress often associated with paying for a higher education. That’s why we provide students who qualify with scholarship awards. Contact our experienced financial aid team to find out how you may qualify for scholarships.

Military Award Program (MAP)

The Military Award Program is provided and coordinated by the Imagine America Foundation, Washington, D.C. The award is available to active duty members, the honorably discharged and retired veterans of a United States military service branch. If you’re interested in additional information about the award – who’s eligible, qualifications, deadlines, and more – simply contact a Coyne admissions advisor today.

Imagine America Scholarship

The Imagine America Scholarship program is coordinated by the Imagine America Foundation in Washington, D.C. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact their admissions representative.

Coyne American Institute Educational Foundation Scholarship

CAIEF is an organization dedicated to furthering Coyne College students’ dreams of a quality education through scholarship opportunities. By means of generous donations, students are eligible for monetary scholarships that are used to fund their career training at Coyne. Visit for more information.

Learn More About Scholarships

To learn more about scholarships, contact us directly at 800-707-1922 or visit us at our downtown campus.

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