Healthcare Trends Affecting Medical Assistants

Below is a trio of current healthcare trends that will extend into the future of the medical assisting profession: New Technology in Healthcare Medical assistants will have to adapt to technological advancements in medicine. Medical offices already heavily rely on the use of computers, but more technology, such as tablets,

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Pros and Cons of Working as an HVAC Technician

Air conditioning, heating and refrigeration are components of our homes and other buildings that we don’t think much about—that is, unless something goes wrong. When mishaps occur, we rely on a special group of skilled trade professionals to restore these systems to working order. Who are they, you ask? HVAC

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Faculty Spotlight: Ravyn Bolton – Pharmacy Technician

“As long as students are willing to adapt to change and learn something new each day they are going to impact and change lives”, hear more from our Pharmacy Technician Instructor Ravyn Bolton through the pharmacy technician faculty spotlight! Learn about her experience, teaching at Coyne, and advice to students!

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7 On-the-Job Safety Tips for Electricians

Working with electricity isn’t easy. It’s not safe, either. Electricians face a substantial amount of danger each day they go to work. Electricians install the electrical wires, circuitry and fixtures needed to provide electricity. They’re also tasked with maintaining these components once they’re in place. Any time you’re working with

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How to Format Your Resume – Tips for the Trades

Coyne College taught you well, providing you with the hands-on training and skills you need to prepare for your career in the trades. Now it’s time to highlight your education and skills in a résumé that can help put you in front of potential employers. Check out this infographic about

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Evolution Pharmacy technician Occupation

The Evolution of the Pharmacy Technician Occupation

Pharmacy technicians play an integral role in the dissemination of prescription medicine and helping people regain health when they get sick. They are often the ones on the front lines who answer questions patients may have about their prescriptions. Pharmacy technicians and the roles they play are subject to the

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Chicago Restrictions Help Pharmacy Staff

New Chicago Restrictions Protect Pharmacy Staff and Consumers

In a win for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and patients, the Chicago City Council Finance Committee approved legislation that would limit pharmacists to filling a maximum of 10 prescriptions per hour. The measure was approved by the committee back in October of 2017 and also guarantees pharmacists meal and bathroom breaks.

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Heart Disease

Caring for Individuals with Heart Disease – Medical Assistants

February is American Heart Month. First proclaimed by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, the month is dedicated to increasing the awareness of heart health and creating a culture in which making heart-healthy life choices are encouraged. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of Americans and is undoubtedly a

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Medical Assistant Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Maria Natividad

“I tell my students to be professional at all times and to have initiative when in the work field”, hear more from our Medical Assistant Faculty Dr. Maria Natividad! Learn more about the Medical Assistant program at Coyne College and her advice to students! Find out more details on Medical

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Medical Assistant training Program

Medical Assistant Training can Launch an Advanced Healthcare Career

Medical assistants are key cogs in the functioning of medical offices and facilities all across the country. Essentially jacks of many medical office trades, medical assistants perform a variety of tasks that doctors couldn’t get done on their own. Although medical assisting is an endpoint for some, for many others

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