The Cost of Childbirth Across the Globe
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Childbirth is a wonderful thing. On this we can all agree. There is much disparity, though, on the cost of this wonderful thing. Depending on what part of the world in which a child is born, the birth itself, albeit wonderful, can vary in cost.

To show the costs of birth across the world, we created an interactive map that highlights major regions of the world such as the United States, France, the UK, Canada and Australia. Knowing the differences in these countries’ facilities, procedures, laws and traditions, it is illuminating to compare birth costs.

Let’s start close to home: in North America. On average, a typical childbirth costs the USA $10,808; and for a C-section, the USA ponies up $16,106 per operation. Across the northern border, in Canada, the cost is significantly less: $3,195 for a typical delivery, and $5,980 for a C-section.

A little farther down, in South America, the cost of childbirth stays about the same as it does in Canada. In Argentina, for example, it’s $2,237 for every typical delivery, and just a little more—$2,972—for every C-section given. On the South American border, in Chile, the costs are slightly higher—$3,589 for every delivery, C-section and otherwise.

In many countries childbirth costs hover around this $2,000 to $5,000 mark. In the UK, it’s a little over $4,500; in Germany and France, a little over $2,500. In Australia, it’s slightly above $5,000 ($5,312 for a typical delivery). And in Spain, it’s slightly below $2,000 ($1,950 for a typical delivery).

In Switzerland, the costs are higher. There, a typical birth costs $7,751, and for a C-section, the number rises to $9,965. Even farther east, the costs of birth continue to rise. In Hong Kong, deliveries are typically between $12,000 and $15,000; and in Singapore, they are between $8,000 and $10,000.

But remarkably, one country serves as a childbirth outlier. In Japan, believe it or not, a typical childbirth costs, on average, $61,810. On the bright side, Japan is widely acknowledged as one of the safest places in which to give birth.