5 Tips to Succeed in HVAC with Sandra Garza
tips to succeed in HVAC

5 Tips to Succeed in HVAC with Sandra Garza

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HVAC graduate and business owner Sandra Garza gives five great tips to succeed in the HVAC field!

Sandra Garza: Tips to succeed in HVAC career is knowledge, integrity, personality, continuous education or training and honesty. When you’re with a customer, it’s important to be knowledgeable especially as a woman, because when you go into a customer’s house you’ll get those customers who would say, “You’re a woman. What do you know?” Be ready to answer any questions whether it’s simple or difficult. They want to know what’s in their home. The more information they have about it, the safer they are.

Personality. No one wants to deal with a person who’s not approachable. Talking with your customers, you make them feel that they’re part of the whole repair experience. They’ll appreciate the training, reading materials, news articles, on the internet, even going to the manufacturer website. Just a short video, because this industry has changed a lot. If you’re on top of the new equipment, the new technology, the new stuff that’s coming out. There are homes that have older units. There’s homes that have newer units. If you have the continuous training, you’re able to repair anything.

You’re able to go into a home and not be surprised with something you’ve never seen before. I think the number one way to build your client base is word of mouth. I’ve done jobs just by being sociable more with people on the street or I’m in a grocery store and I will leave a business card and start talking to someone. You’ll never know that person may need something. It always turns out that way. Do a good job with one person and it will go a long way.