Skilled Trades Careers Can Ease Transition to Civilian Life
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Skilled Trades Careers Can Ease Transition to Civilian Life

In honor of this past Memorial Day, we’d like to take a moment to share with you our commitment to men and women in uniform. At Coyne College, we know the transition to civilian life after years of military service can be a challenging one. Fortunately, a career in skilled trades can help smooth it out. We’re dedicated to providing top-tier training programs that can help veterans establish meaningful, in-demand careers.

In many ways, the skilled trade professions embody similar traits to being in the military. For example, in electrical construction, you have the opportunity to work with other electricians to supply the wiring and conduit needed to power a building. Skilled trades work also requires using highly specialized skills to get the job done. While it may take time to foster a strong bond with your fellow trades workers and the task may not be as high-stakes as it is fighting to preserve our freedom, these aspects of skilled trades jobs can help you get acclimated to civilian life once more.

Coyne College offers six different skilled trade programs that provide training in electrical work, HVAC and refrigeration, as well as select allied health professions. Our programs include:

  • HVAC Refrigeration
  • Electrical Construction & Planning
  • Electrical Construction & Maintenance
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Billing & Coding Specialist
  • Pharmacy Technician


Many of these fields are expected to experience continued growth in employment in the coming years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projections. At Coyne, you’ll receive stellar instruction from professionals with valuable real-world experience.

Skilled Trade Careers in Chicago

You’re also not alone once you’re in classes at Coyne College. We offer academic assistance to help you stay on pace to graduate, should you need it. Additionally, our Career Services team can help you navigate the job search process with resources such as resume help, mock interviews and more. Be sure to check out our Resource Center page to learn more.

Some of Coyne’s programs can be completed in as little as 42 weeks from your start day. This means you’ll be able to get to work and apply your skills sooner than you would by enrolling at a traditional four-year college or university. With day and night class options available, you can fit a skilled trade’s education into your schedule.

Skilled Trade Profession in Demand

Paying for training to improve your return to civilian life shouldn’t cost a fortune for those who have already made the greatest sacrifice. A variety of scholarships are available to veterans, including the Military Award Program (MAP) provided by the Imagine America Foundation – Adult Program. You can also apply for federal aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

For more information or to speak with one of our helpful admissions representatives, call us today at 800-720-3990.