Resume and Interview Tips with Jenny Gonzalez

Resume and Interview tips

Job searching can be a daunting task. These quick resume and interview tips can elevate you to employers. Hear from our Director of Career Services, Jenny Gonzalez and ace your next interview!

Chicago’s own Coyne College offers the in-demand degree and diploma programs employers right here in Chicago are looking for. We work with some of the leading employers in the city to help get you placed in a challenging career upon graduation. From a Medical Assistant program to HVAC, Coyne College gives you hands-on training you’ll need to get the job done.

Jenny Gonzalez: My name is Jenny Gonzalez and I am the director of career services here at Coyne.

Definitely take time. This is something that’s going to take you some time, so you do need to invest some time. I would say definitely focus on the skill sections because that’s what the employers look for. Education is key. Of course, you want to mention Coyne College and the name of the program. If you do have a high GPA, if you have perfect attendance, that’s something you can add to your resume as well, and the experience. Make sure that you do list your past employers and sometimes students hesitate because it might not be related to the field, but it is very important that the employer actually knows that you do have a very solid employment history.

One of the tips that I can give for interviewing. Definitely be confident. I do hear from the employers a lot what they actually look for is attitude, positive attitude. That’s one of the most important qualities that they look for in an employee. Have eye contact. Body language is absolutely key and we do have to remain positive throughout the whole interview. I will say ask questions, do research about the company. I do see a lot of students who do not do research about the company before they walk in. That is very important and definitely ask questions about the organization or about the actual job itself.

A lot of people think it’s the education or the experience, but they say if someone comes in with a right positive attitude, they’re willing to train them, and if they remain coachable, it’s even better. I would say use career services from the beginning, from the moment you’re enrolled. We want to make sure that they succeed so they do have to stay in contact with us. I would say make sure that you start early. Don’t wait until you graduate. It is very important that you actually start three quarters. That’s when we can actually start working with the students, so I would actually advise everyone to come and see their career services representative, do some career planning.

If they’re not really sure how to interview or if they have any doubts, they can actually walk into the career services office or schedule an appointment and meet with one of our reps. We want to make sure that, not only you complete your education but that you actually start your career.