Coyne College’s Pharmacy Technician Program FAQs

Pharmacy Technician Program FAQs - Coyne College

Pharmacy technicians are essential in the machine that is the pharmaceutical service industry. They help keep pharmacies up and running by performing tasks that free up pharmacists to attend to patient care-related tasks, such as administering flu shots. Pharmacy technicians do things like answer phones, maintain patient information, keep inventory, fill the prescription bottles with the correct medicine and the correct amount, as well as other essential tasks. If you’re interested in working an in-demand job as a pharmacy technician in Chicagoland, it’s a good idea enroll in a pharmacy technician training program. There are numerous pharma tech programs in Chicago, like the one at Coyne College. Coyne College’s pharmacy technician program can help you get where you want to be.

Of course, it’s natural to have questions about a new career prior to jumping into it right away. Here are some frequently asked questions about Coyne’s program and the pharmacy technician trade.


What does a pharmacy technician need to know?

Working as a pharmacy technician requires similar knowledge as other professions in the healthcare industry. This includes anatomy, medical terminology and healthcare communications. Additionally, pharmacy technicians need to know skills that are specific to daily functions at a pharmacy. Such skills include pharmaceutical math and the ethics of pharmacy practice. This is clearly not an all-inclusive list, but you can rest assured knowing that you will learn these skills as a student in Coyne College’s pharmacy technician program.


What are the qualities of a good pharmacy technician?

Good pharmacy technicians embody many different skills and qualities. Perhaps the most important ones are the skills that go along with customer service. Pharmacy technicians are often the last person patients interact with prior to taking prescriptions. Therefore, they need to be approachable, active listeners and effective communicators. Attention to detail is also key because patients could suffer negative consequences if they take a combination of drugs that are not safe to take at the same time. This is where a pharmacy technician’s knowledge comes into play. Typically, the pharmacist on hand double-checks the prescription before it is handed over to the patient. However, it does help if the pharmacy technician knows which combinations are to be avoided as well.

Pharmacy Technician Program FAQs


Is it worth it to become a pharmacy technician?

There is currently a demand for pharmacy technicians in Chicago and across the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 12 percent increase in pharmacy technician jobs through 2026. The BLS attributes this rise in jobs to the increasing number of senior citizens in the population who need medication and that pharmacists are taking on larger roles in providing patient care. There is also the factor of an increase in demand for prescription medications outside of the senior age group.


Can pharmacy technicians become pharmacists?

Yes. Though it requires additional schooling, pharmacy technicians can become pharmacists. Studying to become and working in the pharmaceutical service industry as a pharmacy technician can provide a great foundation on which you can build on, should you choose to go back to school.


How long does it take to become a certified pharmacy technician?

Part of the beauty of Coyne College’s pharmacy technician program is how quickly you can complete it relative to other programs. You can finish the program in as few as 42 weeks. At the end of the program, you will have learned the skills you need to admirably perform the necessary duties of a pharmacy technician. The program will also help prepare you to take and pass the certification exam. Passing the certification exam is the last task you must complete prior to starting your career as a pharmacy technician.

Pharmacy Tech Programs in Chicago - Coyne College

Why is pharmacy technician a good career?

Many people who enter healthcare-related fields do so because they want to help patients get better. Pharmacy technicians play a direct role in that because they are the ones who help dispense the prescriptions written by doctors and physician assistants. Pharmacists could not run pharmacies without them. There is a need for pharmacy technicians, as mentioned earlier, which is also something to feel good about. If you’re looking for a career where you can help people return to health by giving them the medications they need, working as a pharmacy technician could very well be the career for you.

Hopefully this FAQ session clarified some of your questions about the pharmacy technician profession, as well as those about Coyne College’s pharmacy technician program. Now all that stands between you and your pharmacy technician dreams is enrolling at Coyne College.


Start your pharma tech career at Coyne

Coyne College has more than 120 years of experience preparing individuals like you for meaningful careers in a variety of trades. As a student in Coyne’s pharmacy technician program, you will learn the finer points of the profession from experienced instructors. They can provide real-world insight that can help prepare you for the field beyond what is written in a textbook.

At the end of the program, which can be as soon as 42 weeks after your start date, you will be ready to pass your certification exam and start work in a number of pharmaceutical settings.

Financial aid is also available to those who qualify. Coyne also provides career services and job placement assistance to all its students. Put your passion for helping people to use today by enrolling in Coyne College’s pharmacy technician program. To enroll or request more information, visit